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So Another Day

Caikes S
I've Been Waiting All This Time To Be Something I Can't Define....

You Think You Know What's To Come,
Who You Are,
You Haven't Even Begun....

There's A Hell Of A Lot More To Me.....

One Step Forward Making Two Steps Back...

Run Through My Town, Scream til I fade....

Wasting Words on Lower Cases and Capitals....

I was On Your Porch!

Space Needle is love

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"Brand New is love"

Made by neblinay

The Academy Is... is Love

Plain White T's are Love

William is Love

Matchbook Romance is love

" 'If All Else Fails' Matchbook Romance is Still Love "

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Matchbook Romance is Sweet Rock Love

" Slick Shoes is 'Once Again' Love "

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<ahref="http://www.livejournal.com/users/obi_wansgirl/214224.html">Senses Fail is Love</a>

"Die Trying is 'Runaway' Love"

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Funeral For A Friend is Love

Underoath are love

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Stakes are Love

Drums are love

Dane Cook is love
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Sims2 is PC Game love

Spike is “Oh my god look at that bod those cheekbones” love.

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Ephram and Amy are love

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Kate and Sawyer are hot for one another Love

Sheen is Ultra Lord Love

Carnivále is Love

The Breakfast Club is Angsty Love.

Jake Gyllenhaal is Love

Family Guy is Hilarious Love

Ben Harper is Walk Away love

LuAnn is love

Zits is teenage love

Ray/Lily is Love

Rily is one of MY OTP!

No Man's Land is Indie Rocker Chick love

Old School Benji is Pink Patch Love

Muscular Backs are Love.

School is HATE
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